Service Types
On-site Service
PC HELP! offers our services on-site in your business or home. We serve Fort Wayne, Indiana and surrounding areas. We give you the help you need quickly, so your business can be more productive and profitable. Emergency service within 4 business hours is also available. Contact us now!
Remote Support
There are many instances where we can help you effectively in just a few minutes via phone, e-mail, or by remotely connecting directly to your computer through a secure program. This helps to avoid the time and expense of on-site service. Need remote assistance? Click here.
Just a Few of Our Services...
Hardware & Software Troubleshooting
We are experienced in both hardware and software troubleshooting. With PC HELP!, you will never have to guess at the problem or throw money at the wrong solution. We stock many common hardware items to make replacements and upgrades easy.
Networking Support
Your network may be large or small. Home and business, we do them all! Would you like to be able to print from any computer in your home? Or share common documents with your co-workers? We can design a network to fit your specific needs, add devices to your existing network, or secure your wireless connection from snoops.
Virus Removal
Virus and Spyware infections are increasingly prevalent concerns in computing today. These infections not only slow down your machine, they also have the potential to trash your files or steal your personal information. The doctor is in... let us clean your machine.
PC Tune-Up & Optimization
Over time, computers can become bogged down with unneccesary files and extraneous programs. Even some new computers come with bloatware that bogs you down. Let us optimize your PC! We can make it run at its full potential. You'll see faster boot times and more responsiveness when working with programs. Thinking of replacing your PC? With a tune-up and an inexpensive RAM upgrade, many computers can be brought up to speed without replacing them.
Recondition (Windows OS Reinstallation)
We can preserve your data and memories while making your computer run like it's new out of the box! Our recondition package is a great way to solve runaway virus infections, corrupt files, or a broken Windows installation.
Business Consultation
We are interested in talking with you to determine the most productive and cost-effective solution for your business. PC HELP! is experienced in dealing with the unique needs of our business clients.
Remote Backup
How important is the data on your work or home computer? Don't let an unexpected catastrophic loss of data put your business at risk. We can ensure your important files are backed up to a secure offsite server on a scheduled basis. We will monitor your backup daily to ensure its completion. If you prefer, we can also save your backup to a local drive at your home or business.
Membership Opportunities
Our members enjoy discounted rates for even more value! Click here for more information.
Our Guarantee to You
90 day Guarantee

At PC HELP! we stand by our work. All of our services are guaranteed for 90 days! We will fix any problems within the orginal scope of our work at no additional charge, rest assured.

Warranties offered on parts and components are the
responsibility of the manufacturer.
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